Monkey's Paw? Fetish
(Carules’ Fetishes For Sale! - Going FAST!)

A few well known people's comments:
WOW. . . I adore this fetish. its genuine, authentic, and powerful.
- Baba Gede author of "History of Vodou" and “The Official Vo Du Ma Gick” book of Santeria Magic

I am delighted with it. It is truly a prop to be used. . . the paw is gimmicked in several ways and so can be used in innumerous ways. The appearance, the odor, everything about the thing is calculated to make the paw something that will immediately gain the attention of your audience. I can envision spectators hesitant to touch it, and it will freak them out should the thing happen to twitch in their hand. I would be careful do this over a table this as someone might drop the paw out of sheer fright.
- Bill Ligon, Advanced Practitioner of Bizarre Magic

This little piece looks to be just right for a pocket, 1 on 1, 1 on 3 and is a bit of clever taxidermy. [Note, this hand is unaltered by taxidermy, as hard as that is to believe - IT IS REAL! - Kerry]
- Doug Higley, Sideshow Gaff Artist Extraordinaire at

These fetishes have been requested from Australia, Wales, Canada and across the US - it is getting World Wide attention the first week out. Very limited numbers.

((Video Below)

Carules (pl. & singular)
Sometimes a more aggressive Glympse enters a body, usually in the womb, and shapes the baby’s body to its liking. These babies are called “Carules”. This is extremely rare in humans because of the long gestation period for a fetus. Glympses need (or want) to feed, and while shaping the baby they cannot feed for some reason. Because of this, they usually use animals with relatively short gestations, and nearly always mammals.

Like ravens and crows, Carules like shiny objects and often horde them. This trait, a blood lust, and bodies that are somewhat human-like (especially hands) are what distinguishes Carules. The animal a Glympse occupies needs to eat the normal diet of that animal, and curiously, and often eats blood, too – even if the animal invaded is a herbivore. The Glympse feeds on the occupied animal’s emotions like a leach, causing the animal to act unnaturally aggressive by pushing the animal’s emotions as far as possible. Usually these animals die early of emotional exhaustion. While the animal invaded by the Glympse dies, the Glympse itself moves on, creating tales of immortality and creatures rising from the dead.

The Carules usually looks like a cross between a human and the animal type invaded, with hands (clawed, but with opposable thumbs) and generally walks upright (at least some of the time). “Glympse-invaded” animals tend to look somewhat human-like, but are closer to the size of the host animal. From sightings, these are often attributed to fairies, gnomes (their size) and even leprechauns (they like shiny things). While much rarer, larger animals invaded are seen as human-like monsters. This may be where the stories of the Yeti (ape-man?), werewolf (wolf-man?) and vampire (man-like & blood lust) originate.

Because of the emotional frenzy the Glympse stirs in its host animal, they can be very aggressive, with no fear of danger or death (because the Glympse moves on). Since they often stalk at night, are usually very wary of humans, and most are relatively small, they are rarely seen. Their bodies are almost never recovered because there is a bond between the body of a dead Carules and the Glympse that invaded it - like a genie and its bottle. This is not handy for the Glympse, so it takes care to totally destroy the Carules’ body after it dies. A special trap is used to catch Carules, and more often than not, they chew off their own arms to escape. The trap is designed in such a way to keep the Carules from destroying the limb left behind. (Yes, this information I intend to keep secret!) The remaining limb is used as a powerful fetish.

These Carules’ Fetishes
(NOT for everybody)

Since I have some cash flow problems, and I seem to be in an area where these creatures thrive, I am reluctantly offering some of these fetishes up for sale. I have not used these fetishes, because they can be too powerful for me. These fetishes are kept in salt with a clove of garlic (yes, there is something to those tales). Salt, garlic, and some types of grass and feathers help prevent the Glympse from destroying the Carules' hand.

I have been told these are monkeys' paws (because they looks so human) and they does look it, but there are no wild monkeys here in the US (I assume they originated here). The Wildlife Conservation Society in the Bronx, NY did not recognize them as any primate species. A few people have suggested it is a regular raccoon paw. Of this I am certain it IS NOT a raccoon's paw. Raccoons have 5 clawed fingers and NO opposable thumb, while these have 4 clawed fingers AND an opposable thumb. I examined some raccoon paws (on the side of the road - yuck) and this looks nothing like them.

You will notice a small bent needle in each fetish. A small drop of blood is needed to awaken the power of the fetish (although they have been known to work without blood, too). That is what this needle is for. Drip your blood into the open wound at the wrist/arm of the Carules' fetish. BE CAREFUL NOT TO PRICK YOURSELF UNINTENTIONALLY! The needle is “bent” to stop any flow of energy from the fetish to you, or visa versa. I recommend that you disinfect the needle and your finger before and after any pricking. Magnetism seems to concentrate the power, so this Carules' fetish has a small magnet buried inside its flesh.

These fetishes have what is called a “tail”. This is for divination, and it is very sensitive. Hold the fetish in the air by the tail, very still, and ask basic “yes or no” questions. You will actually be asking the Glympse (that once invaded this animal's body) questions. Beware – they need not always tell the truth, and often will tell the truth for awhile to gain your trust. If it swings back and forth, the answer is “NO”. If it swings from side to side, the answer is “YES”. If it swings in a circle the answer is “Maybe” or “I don't know.” These motions can be changed if you wish; just make sure you and the Glympse understand which motion means what answer.

For those in the craft, they have been PKed and also can “rise up on your hand like a pencil.” It also moves like invisible threads guide it. It also works well on a haunted tarot deck.

That these are Carules' hands is educated speculation, but the hands are real, and they have four clawed fingers AND an opposable thumb; they are not some fake hands or a paws that have had a taxidermist modify it. They look like a monkey paw but is of no known species, nor is it a raccoon paw. Assembled by a registered member of the Thlinget Tribe of Alaska (Native American). ALL THIS IS CONFIRMED AND GUARANTEED.

I had them in borax for several months, then soaked them in rubbing alcohol for about six months, then cooked them at 225 degrees for about 6 hours. They are wrapped in grass & feathers with a loop (so it can be a necklace charm) and a tail for divination or scrying and placed in a baggy with salt and dried garlic. (I recommend a clove of garlic is used when you recieve the fetish, but for shipping, dried garlic is used. A bent needle is attached to prick a finger for blood, and a small magnet is inside its flesh to concentrate the fetish's power. Buyer takes all responsibility for it and its use! Be respectful. Be careful.

VERY limited numbers made, and may be a year before more are ready.

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