- What are they?

For legal reasons, I must tell you none of this is true. Should you believe it to be true, or if you are curious, read on.

"Glympses" are what I call them. Some call them "Spirits", but that implies they were/are human "spirits". They aren't - at least most are not. Some call them Angels and Demons. This makes them "good" or "bad" , and I find them more like people -- a few very good, a few very bad, and a lot that follow whomever is around to lead.

Why do I call them Glympses? Well, generally we see only a wisp of them out of the corners of our eyes. Animals and children seem to be more aware of their presence than are adults. I presume this is because we are conditioned by society not to see them.

There are always a few adults who can see or sense them. I have that unfortunate ability. I can "sense" them from an "eye" in my forehead. Personally I’d rather not have this "gift". To a certain degree we all have this ability, and to a degree it can be cultivated.

What are they? They appear to be creatures like us, who live in other dimensions that intersect with ours. Sounds like a lot of science fiction hoo-ha, doesn’t it? Let me explain.

Pretend there is a 2 dimensional land that has length and width, but NO depth. To people living in this 2D world, it would be hard to even conceive of depth. Living in it are creatures who look like 2 dimensional geometric shapes, squares, circles, triangles, etc.

In this 2D land, we can look down and actually see inside these creatures "insides" or "guts". Since they have no depth, they cannot do this to themselves. If we are so inclined, we can put things inside them to make them sick, and do all sorts of horrible things to them "magically". We could move things in their 2D world, and they would appear to be moving or "floating" on their own. We could get into locked boxes or safes and remove things. We could pull something out of their 2D world, and it would just disapear "to the 2D inhabitants".

If we were to intersect their 2D world, they would NOT see us as WE see ourselves, but as 2D circles. If I stick my hand through their 2D world, they will see one, then two, then eventually five "circles" throbbing (changing shape) and eventually joining together into one large circle (my fingers into my hand). Anyway, what if there are creatures that can interact with us like we can with our 2D pretend world?

To my best knowledge, it appears that Glympses somehow "feed" off our emotions, both negative and positive. I don’t know how - possibly we exist in dimensions of which we are not consciously aware. Perhaps our emotions are more than just "feelings" in that dimension. I don't know.

They seem to have specialized diets, or at least favorites. Some like certain negative emotions; some like certain positive emotions. The most common is fear. I imagine the idea of cupids (feeding off "love") and other fantasy creatures were born from this phenomenon.

There are various "levels" of Glympses. Most are relatively weak, and most are not terribly smart, but some are very smart or crafty and very strong. There seems to be very little order with them - which ever Glympse is stronger gets his way. Often the weaker ones "feed" like scavengers off the stronger ones.

Some can communicate with us in a way I really cannot describe. Some can understand human languages to various degrees. As a group, they cannot be trusted. Much like a person, they will often say whatever furthers their cause. They can be quite sweet, and quite scary.

Ultimately they want to "feed" so they will provoke the emotion they like best. Fear and lust seem to be the most common, but positive emotions can be "fed upon", as well (by some anyway). When they find someone who will consistently give them their nourishment, they will stay with him. I am not sure they MUST "feed", but it appears that not "feeding" is painful to them.

Glympses seem to have a hard time fully "materializing" in our dimension, and so find it difficult to physically do things. Most of what they do is with our minds, provoking emotions. Some can, with effort, interact with our physical world for short times, usually to evoke an emotion like fear. Sound is the easiest way they can physically interact with us, but they can move things, too. As a general rule, they don’t actually harm or kill people (as some people think) because then there would be no emotion upon which to "feed".

Seth is a Glympse I know. Much of the information I have about Glympses I gained from, or because of, him. Seth has been quite friendly, and sometimes even chatty, to me. I do not completely trust him, but he is interesting, and he enjoys observing and interacting with humans. Perhaps I can introduce him to you. Give me a call!

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